What does wine smell like? If I recognize a tobacco scent,
does that mean they added tobacco to the wine before bottling it?
What does it mean when a wine smells like dark plums? Was it fermented with fruits?
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Come join us for a unique journey through the incredible world of the aromas of wine. During this hands-on workshop we will discover the different descriptors of white and red wine as well as the fermentation and ageing aromas. We will even attempt to identify the smells that tell us about faults in wine!

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This workshop has 2 parts:

- Introduction to the Aromas of Wine: using the Master Wine Aroma Kit, the world’s most complete wine aroma collection (it has 88 flasks!), participants try and recognize (or not) descriptors in order to identify grape varieties, wine-making techniques, the maturation of the wine and wine-making faults.

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Wine tasting: we will taste 3 wines and put our new skills and knowledge to the test while we try to correctly identify descriptors and aromas.


A minimum of 10 participants is needed for this workshop. We organize it regularly, so check out our Facebook page to know when the next one is taking place.

If you are interested in organizing a private one just for you and your friends, send us an email to: and we will do the rest ;)